Game Changer: The Business Innovation Game


What Is Game Changer™: The Business Innovation Game?

Game Changer™ was designed to challenge conventional thinking about creating a business model. Using the Business Model Canvas as the “playing board,” Game Changer™ allows you to do three things:

  1. Describe your current business model by using the decks of cards to describe your business model.
  2. Challenge yourself to think differently by working through alternate business models, dealing random business models, and using the Innovate! deck to force changes on your business model that make you consider new opportunities.
  3. Work as a team or in teams to creatively improve your business model.

How Does It Work?

Game Changer™ uses 13 decks of cards to help you rapidly describe and iterate your business model. Each deck of cards contains options for that area of the business model, such as different Customer Segments or Cost Structures. By using a deck of cards, Game Changer™ speeds up the strategy development process, allowing you to “try out” different business models in quick succession, and challenge your thinking.

What we’ve found in our decades of work with business leaders is that once a leader has been in a business for a couple of years or more, they tend to get stuck in operations mode, trying to make the existing business work more efficiently. This is good to a point, but should be left for people below the top level of leadership. The reason is that the main job of the CEO and senior leadership team is to think creatively and strategically about the business, not work in it. Game Changer™ helps you take the time you have and make it more effective in challenging the status quo in your organization, and to help you consider business model elements you may not have considered in the past.

Design Quality

The Game Changer card decks are printed with the finest 310 gm French casino quality card stock for long-lasting use. There are 144 cards, including six instruction cards.

Game Changer™: Instructions

These are the instructions for Game Changer™: The Business Innovation Game: Download Instructions

Game Changer game with all decks in use on the Business Model Canvas.

Game Changer used to describe a business model.

Revenue Streams: Pricing card deck – one of three decks used for the Revenue Streams area.

The Innovate! deck is one of the 13 decks of cards in the Game Changer game.