The Business Model Canvas

About the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a tool developed by Alexander Osterwalder to visually describe a business model. The Business Model Canvas can be used to facilitate deeper communication about the business and to quickly try out changes to assumptions and strategies on paper.

The Business Model Canvas has nine elements:

Business Model Canvas - Letter

Starting from left to right:

  1. KP = Key Partners
  2. KA = Key Activities
  3. KR = Key Resources
  4. C$ = Cost Structure
  5. VP = Value Proposition
  6. CR = Customer Relationship
  7. CH = Channels (Sales and Distribution)
  8. CS = Customer Segments
  9. R$ = Revenue Streams

Using these nine building blocks, we can describe most of the elements inside a company.

Business Model Canvas Resources

Following are some downloads and links to help you understand the Business Model Canvas in more detail. Big Think works with companies across industries so that we can bring fresh perspectives to your business. We would love to work with you to facilitate a business model strategy session that will uncover hidden opportunities and increase the potential and bottom line of your business.


Detailed Business Model Canvas – Poster Size (PDF)

Detailed Business Model Canvas – Letter Size (PDF)

Business Model Canvas with Step-by-Step Process Map (PDF)

Basic Business Model Canvas (Image Only)

Business Model Generation (Book) Preview (PDF)


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