Content Marketing. You hear about it all the time. Many are doing it (some well, some not so much). Some have no clue what I’m talking about.

Developing and marketing content has become a great way to promote and grow your business. But, many business owners and executives are not taking advantage of this tool. They are concerned they don’t have the time or the skill  to write and market content.

I have found that this is not always the case. Here are a few tips on how to use content marketing for business:

1. Start writing

As simple as this may sound, it truly is the backbone of content marketing. Write about what you know, your passions, why you love the industry you serve. The more your write, the easier it will become, and the more you will improve.

Start by writing out a list of subjects that interest you, refer to that file and write to those subjects on a regular basis.

2. Use the LinkedIn Publishing platform

I have been writing on LinkedIn for more than two years, and I do so because I believe it is an amazing content marketing tool. I articulated the reasons why in a recent blog post you can see here.


My 30 LinkedIn posts have garnered more than 40,000 hits and countless new business opportunities.

The LinkedIn publishing tool is quick and easy to use, and a great way to develop and market your content.

3. Let others know about your content, and share theirs

I often say that social media is the “anti Field of Dreams.” You can build it (in this case write it) but if you don’t promote it, they won’t come.

Content was meant to be seen, promoted and shared. Let your connections know that you have a new post on LinkedIn. Use the LinkedIn share tools to promote it to your network, groups, individuals and other social media channels.

BUT, be sure to share content from your connections as well. Share more than you ask them to share. By promoting your connections’ content you are building a trust that pays off when you ask them to return the favor.

4. Repurpose your content – everywhere!

Writing on your company blog already? Republish it on LinkedIn. No reason to rewrite content for each marketing channel. Yes, you can modify it some to fit the audience, but the ideas can be the same.

Also, be sure to provide links back to your website or landing page where you want people to visit.

5. Know your audience and respect them

If you are using content marketing to promote your business, keep your  audience in mind. Connect with them on a business level.

I’ve actually seen word search “quizzes” on LinkedIn. Makes me wonder if that person is really serious about business, or more importantly if they understand the audience they are addressing.

I’ve been a writer for more than 30 years – as a technology journalist, public relations professional and published author. Writing comes easy to me. With some patience and perseverance it can for you, too!