Who We Serve

Big Think works with companies from a variety of industries. We find that doing so allows us to cross-pollinate – to bring fresh ideas to clients because of what we learn from other industries.

That said, we do seek the following types of clients:






Companies and Leaders Up to Something Big

Leaders Who Love What They Do

Competent Leaders

Leaders Open to Ideas

  • We like working with leaders who are up to something big. It pushes us to think bigger and more creatively to help you reach your audacious goals.
  • We realize that making a dollar is not the ultimate goal, but that making a dollar helps you make a difference.
  • What we do for income growth also applies to impact growth – achieving your mission.
  • As a Christian-led company, we are intentional about serving a higher purpose and at a higher level.
  • We’re business nerds. We love it, breathe it, dream it. We like to work with others who are just as passionate about what they do.
  • People who do what they say they’ll do and make things happen.
  • People who are expert at what they do, not necessarily at what we do.
  • To do our greatest work requires working with leaders who embrace new opportunities and who can see the benefits of big thinking.
  • Big thinkers who share and wrestle over ideas will find better solutions than those who shy away from being different.