How We Work

How the Big Think Revenue Growth Process Works


The 90 Minute Discovery Meeting





Introduces the leadership team of a company to the Big Think Revenue Generator™ model. This gets everyone on the same page so they can decide if they want to work with Big Think to strengthen the company and grow revenue.

Big Think needs to understand your unique situation and ability to generate revenue before prescribing solutions. Since we work with companies at three different levels, we need to know the right process and tools to use to help you achieve your revenue growth targets.

We’ve also found that if we use our most powerful tools on a company that doesn’t have a solid foundation, it can cause more harm than good. A company has to be ready for the growth we bring. Big Think’s Stabilize process helps establish that foundation if it doesn’t already exist.

Big Think will provide the results of the assessment as well as a plan for improving the revenue generation capacity of the company. We will identify the relative strength of each component in your Revenue Generator™ and how to strengthen the weak elements to increase overall revenue.





Ongoing Guidance

Big Think can help you as much or as little as you want to increase the effectiveness and output of your Revenue Generator™. We commit to achieving revenue targets, not using specific tools. During the growth process, we will test what works for your business, and optimize your Revenue Generator™ for maximum profitability.

Quarterly Sessions – A day with the leadership team every 90 days to evaluate performance and assure things are still on track. Use us as long as you like, with the goal being for you to be self-sustaining and not dependent on us. Quarterly sessions expose new opportunities and challenge assumptions – allowing you to overcome revenue brakes in your system and to take advantage of revenue accelerators.

Annual Sessions – For companies that want to lead their industry in growth and profitability, we dig in with your leadership team off-site for a week each year to re-assess the state of the company, its industry, and environment. We look at new ideas, processes, technologies, and business models to challenge the status quo and transcend traditional industry growth rates. This may include field trips to visit other companies, opportunities to talk with other business leaders, and introduction to fresh perspectives.

At the Reinvent stage, we work with you to rethink your business and even rebuild your business model and structure to operate at a higher level.