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Generate Awareness

Generate Awareness

Expand the sections below to see how we think about this component:


  • Clarify targeted market segments
  • Decide on marketing strategies for each segment
  • Plan viral expansion strategies into the business model and product
  • Use growth hacking principles to expand awareness
  • Decide on tactics to accomplish each strategy
  • Create a marketing calendar that identifies when each marketing campaign/piece is deployed as well as who is responsible for the deployment of each
  • Document all decisions and approaches in a marketing plan
  • Place the marketing plan online and give access to anyone contributing to or affected by the plan
  • Update the plan at least monthly with new plans and lessons learned

Success Metrics

  • Target percentage of ideal market is aware of the company’s name
  • Target percentage of ideal market can identify your company by the logo or unique design element
  • Target percentage of ideal market is aware of at least one of your offerings
  • Target percentage of ideal market is aware of all of your offerings
  • Number of media mentions in targeted media outlets
  • Number of positive media mentions in targeted media outlets
  • Number of negative media mentions in targeted media outlets
  • Accuracy of media coverage
  • Reach of media coverage
  • Reach of awareness generation strategies
  • Unique relevant visitors to website who viewed x number of pages
  • Increase in traffic after a marketing piece is deployed
  • Click-through rate on advertising
  • Percentage of people engaging with content in the connect phase who are from your target market segment(s) (high potential prospects)

Key Activities

  • Marketing planning/strategy development
  • Track marketing effectiveness at generating awareness
  • Implement marketing campaigns/programs
  • Perform a brand audit
  • Conduct interviews/surveys to determine market’s awareness


Example Processes (there are many more)

  • Event production
  • Advertising
  • Social media posting and management
  • Public Relations (getting media mentions, etc.)
  • Media content analysis to determine subjects of interest
  • Editorial survey to determine the media’s understanding of your company
  • A-B split testing different messages and message elements


  • Mass email system
  • Online survey tools
  • Online advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords


Generate Awareness

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