Big Think Revenue Growth Solutions







Big Think Stabilization solutions use our Business IQ™ to make operations more predictable. Instead of wild swings in revenue or disconnection between actions and results, Big Think can help you bring more sanity and control to your business.

Big Think Growth solutions use our Growth IQ™ to increase revenue profitably. Real marketing strategy helps identify and take advantage of opportunities, generating growth – however you define it.

Big Think Reinvention solutions use our Innovation IQ™ to change your game. We find ways to make companies stand out and reinvent themselves to radically increase profitability and impact by rethinking the business from every aspect.

Goals: Predictable income, operations, and profit.

Goals: Profitable expansion, capture market share, differentiate the company.

Goals: Change your game, radical innovation, becoming a/the market leader, being unreasonably profitable.

Magic: Capture the hearts, minds, and performance of your employees

Magic: Capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of your customers

Magic: Capture the hearts, minds, and imaginations of the world


  • Overall business assessment
  • Fundamental sales and marketing
    • Branding
    • Messaging
    • Sales process
    • Systems
  • Leadership and management systems
    • Align your entire organization around a central purpose and direction
    • Get the right people in the right seats so they are performing the work they were made to do with high engagement
    • Build a culture of performance and accountability that delivers results
    • Engineer the organization to optimize the structure to fit the strategy
  • Problem solving
    • We help clients get unstuck by identifying root causes and providing solutions to those problems
    • We find what holds companies back from maximizing their profitability – and fix it
  • Financial reporting
    • Identify the few critical numbers that are needed to run the company
    • Establish clear financial reporting that supports better decision-making
  • Cash flow management
    • Cash is king – Create a cash flow system that helps you manage your cash


  • Marketing strategy
    • Know the environment and constraints
    • Know the customers and their needs
    • Know the company and its capabilities
    • Know the market and its opportunities
    • Determine opportunities and recommend growth strategy
  • Integrate plan into the company
    • Work with staff to build capabilities inside your company
    • Leverage your company’s resources and staff to implement the plan
    • Provide guidance as necessary to assure the execution yields the desired results


  • Business model design
    • Much of the Reinvention work comes from optimizing the business model
    • Big Think can work on parts or the entire business model to make you stand out
    • Big Think created Game Changer™: The Business Innovation Game specifically to help companies improve business model redesign and challenge traditional thinking
  • Innovation IQ™
    • Big Think’s Innovation IQ™ is a process and methodology that can do the following:
      • Find innovative ideas already existing within the organization
      • Provide a fresh external perspective to see ideas that may be missed by those too close to the situation
      • Ask “stupid” questions to gain new understanding about the market, clients, and your company
      • Build a culture of innovation into the DNA of your company