The Ideal Referral Guide™

The Ideal Referral Guide™ is a tool we created for business development professionals who leverage relationships for more referrals.

The Problem:

You can go to networking event after networking event and never get any referrals. What we’ve found is that there are three key ways to increase referrals:

  1. Provide value first. Help first. Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything you want in life as long as you help enough other people get what they want.” We think it’s like, “The more you help others, the more they help you.” What goes around comes around, so help others first. Eventually you’ll do it because you like helping other, not just to get something in return.
  2. People need to know HOW to refer you. That means they need to know WHAT you do, HOW you do it, WHO you want to talk with, and WHAT questions to ask to find out if the person is a good prospect for you.
  3. Ask for the referral. Many people don’t ask, so they don’t receive. Other people aren’t just waiting to do something for you – they often need to be prompted.

Big Think Ideal Referral Guide

The Solution:

The Ideal Referral Guide™ is the tool that addresses #2 above. It provides all of the critical information that someone needs to make a good referral for you. After years of selling and working with other sales professionals, we crafted this tool for all of the referral groups and networking clubs out there – and found that people love it. People ask for it when they see it because they recognize how powerful it is to have a concise, attractive, well thought-out tool to give to their “sales team” of referrers.

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If you’re in a BNI group, chamber of commerce networking group, or other group where you refer business to each other, The Ideal Referral Guide™ can make a big difference in your revenue.



How to Get It:

You can buy it right here. Just $5 per person (yes, we request that you not share this, but rather tell others where they can get it – it’s at the bottom of the last page).

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How to Use It:

It’s a Word file (.docx) that has editable text blocks. The graphics are embedded in the document so that the framework stays in place even if the text blocks change.

To print, print it double-sided on good quality (like 28 lb) paper and have it flip on the short edge so that it opens naturally. Fold the page in the center, and you have a half-size Ideal Referral Guide™ to share with your referral partners.

View the video below for a more in-depth explanation about the Ideal Referral Guide™ and how to modify it to drive more referrals for you.