Big Think Financial Model for Startups

This Excel workbook contains all that you need to create a compelling and useful financial model for your business. Special features include:

  • Establishes assumptions up front to drive all of your reports
  • Produces a financial summary that can be used for business plans and investors
  • Produces all of the standard pro forma financial reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement
  • Produces each of the financial reports monthly and quarterly
  • Handles seasonality (dips and spikes in sales)
  • Handles up to ten products and ten services
    • Up to 5 tiers of pricing each
    • One-time or recurring payments
    • Recurring handles monthly, quarterly, and annual payments
    • Allows for churn rate by product/service and tier
    • Allows for price growth by product/service and tier
    • Establishes Cost of Goods Sold for each product/service and tier
  • Automatically calculates growth based on annual growth factors
  • Includes granular sales funnel and sales cycle assumptions to drive the number of salespeople needed to achieve your revenue targets
  • Accounts for international sales by grouping revenue by continent
    • Continents beyond your home are accounted for by a multiplier over your base revenue
  • Extensive staffing sheet provides for up to 32 roles
    • Service staff calculation can grow staff by relation to 1,000 products sold
    • Handles base salary and bonues
    • Allows for fractional employees
  • Supports 3 classes of stock (3 funding rounds)
  • Calculates Break-Even Date
  • Calculates minimum cash on hand (to determine how much money to secure from investors)

Includes basic instructions for completing the model.

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