GateCrasher video brochures are a way to put your message into motion. When you need to make a lasting impression, GateCrasher video brochures can get through gatekeepers and to the decision makers.

Based on super-thin LCD video display technology, GateCrasher video brochures can fit into a standard overnight letter pouch or be part of a larger “infiltration kit.”

GateCrashers are available with four different screen sizes:

GC Set-Sized

All Sizes 3-1K

Caromed Front -Small


GateCrashers start as low as $19 retail with no frills; shipping and setup fees not included.

Big Think can provide entire turn-key solutions for you including:

  • Marketing strategy and campaign development to assure maximum exposure and measurable results
  • Graphic design to make the brochures pop
  • Packaging design so that the brochure doesn’t arrive naked
  • Video production/animation services
  • Fulfillment to your channel and/or end customers

We look forward to working with you on your next promotion. Our revenue growth architects are ready to help you put your message in motion.

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Craig Mathews, Chief Thinkologist