SLGS Resource Package

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This is the resource package that Ken Wood of Big Think referred to at the Sales Lead Generation Strategies Conference in Raleigh, NC on September 1, 2015. There is no charge for this resource package of Big Think ideas and tools, but we do ask that you register.

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Startup Financial Plan

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This Excel workbook contains all that you need to create a compelling and useful financial model for your business. Special features include: Establish assumptions up front to drive all of your reports Produces a financial summary that can be used for business plans and investors Produces all of the standard pro forma financial reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement Produces each of the financial reports monthly and quarterly Handles seasonality (dips and spikes in sales) Handles up to ten products and ten services Up to 5 tiers of pricing each One-time or recurring payments Recurring handles monthly, quarterly, and annual payments Allows for churn rate by product/service and tier Allows for price growth by product/service and tier Establishes Cost of Goods Sold for each product/service and tier Automatically calculates growth based on annual growth factors Includes granular sales funnel and sales cycle assumptions to drive the number of salespeople needed to achieve your revenue targets Accounts for international sales by grouping revenue by continent Continents beyond your home are accounted for by a multiplier over your base revenue Extensive staffing sheet provides for up to 32 roles Service staff calculation can grow staff by relation to 1,000 products sold Handles base salary and bonues Allows for fractional employees Supports 3 classes of stock (3 funding rounds) Calculates Break-Even Date Calculates minimum cash on hand (to determine how much money to secure from investors) Includes basic instructions for completing the model.

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The Ideal Referral Guide™

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The Ideal Referral Guide™ is a great tool for driving more sales through referrals. This is a Word (docx) document that is editable.

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