Self-Employed and Tired of No Sleep? Time for a Thinking Upgrade (Welcome to The Leverage Continuum™)

Being self-employed is a tough life. You're responsible for everything: Making product or providing services (if you have clients/customers) Selling Marketing Billing Accounting Figuring out what to do next out of your 1,001 item list Some day you hope you can get to working ON your business rather than IN it There's tons more. I've been on a journey this year of taking the first steps out of self-employment. And I don't mean getting a job. This year, I've dug in more than in the past to turning my services into products (productizing services) and really thinking through what I can do with them. I have laid out a plan, and I will be writing about this journey of self-discovery and transformation here. A journey that has led me to develop the concept of The Leverage Continuum™. My expectation: Within one year I will have lots more freedom and about 7X more income. Why only 7X? Because I'm building a platform, and infrastructure on which to build the rest of my "real" business. And building the foundation often takes longer than building the rest. The Leverage Continuum™ The transformation process is The Leverage Continuum™. Here is the first stage, which I'll talk about in more depth in additional posts: There are psychological shifts required for each step, and until someone is ready for the next change in their thinking, it won't happen. It can't happen. We all have hang-ups of some sort. I didn't think I did, but I have recently uncovered some things that were holding me back: My personal limiting beliefs. This model is still being developed, and subject to change, but the thinking is starting to come together. Overall, there are numerous shifts that [...]

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Give and Take – How Do You See It?

For most of my life I didn't really know how to accept help or gifts. Sure, I'd say thank you, but then I felt like I owed the other person something. in some ways I still do, but now I see the bigger picture. We all need help. So we should all be willing to help others. What a lot of people get caught up in is quid pro quo - something for something else. Trading one thing for another. A favor for a favor. Keep count and make sure you're never owing someone something. Sometimes it's good to have others "owe" you so that you can call in a favor in the future. But that's mercenary thinking. What I've come to realize is that the way the world really works is this: The more you help others, the more they help you. It doesn't matter as much who you help or who helps you back. Being the kind of person that helps others without expecting a direct and equivalent value return is much more important. Help. Give. Assist. Share your knowledge. And it all comes back in much bigger and unexpected ways. You never know who someone knows (you can't count on LinkedIn for accurate information with lots of fake friends). The little things you do for someone could end up generating the connection of your dreams because people talk.   People talk about selfless givers, "Wow, Bob just helped me with... That was a big deal." People talk about selfish givers, "Bob helped me, but I could tell that he's ready to cash it in and try to sell me something I don't need." People talk about non-givers, "I asked Bob if he [...]

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